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Leonard Horton

It is with much regret that Council records the death on January 12 of Leonard Horton, for several years its Chairman, succeeding founder-Chairman Ron Yeomans, and more recently its Patron.

The term "bluff Yorkshireman" might have been invented for Len. Presiding over council meetings, he would let discussion go so far - and then clamp down with an amiable but firm hand.

He always championed the cause of the Leeds-based Northern Cricket Society, of which he was an enthused and active member for decades.

When the National Cricket Association was formed in 1968, meeting twice-yearly, Len was the regular Council delegate to meetings in the North, putting with vigour the case for the cricket society movement to be recognised as the voice of the game's grassroots.

Outside cricket, Len was known across the Yorkshire Dales for organising for many years the Burnsall Feast Sports, as president of the village sports committee.

After he stood down as Council Chairman, poor health increasingly prevented his attendance at our meetings, when Len was always punctilious in sending his apologies. He maintained his interest in the cricket society movement almost to the end.

We extend our sympathies to Len's family, and record our appreciation for the substantial contribution he made to Council, to the cricket society movement, and to the game he loved so well.

From the President

Dennis Amiss MBE

Do you love cricket, but don't know how to pass those interminably long winter evenings? In that case, have you ever thought of joining a cricket society where you can spend time in the "off season" with like-minded cricketing addicts, listening to talks by players, ex-players, umpires, scorers, writers, journalists or just plain enthusiasts like yourself who can pass on this enthusiasm?

Joining a cricket society is certainly not expensive as you can enjoy a whole winter - usually about seven or eight evenings - for an annual subscription of under £20. I, myself, have spoken to many societies and have found it most rewarding to see the great enthusiasm there is for the game and the love of both reminiscing on great events and players and of considering its present and future.

There should be a cricket society within reach of most of you, so if you are interested why not contact our Secretary, Bob Wood, who will be pleased to give you further details and put you in touch with a society in your vicinity.

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The next meeting of the Council of Cricket Societies will be the AGM, which will take place at Edgbaston on Saturday 7 March 2015

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